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Please note that any location other than above doesn't belong to us. So, please inform us if someone claims to be associated with whisperoftheheart.net and doesn't belong to the above locations.

Our contact details:

You can reach us by sending an email to admin@whisperoftheheart.net or using the message button on our Facebook page.

If you want to share a message of love, hope, kindness or any positive message to our members, you can send it to us on the above contact details. If the message matches with the theme of our Facebook page, we will share it on our page and give you the proper credit on the post. Please note that sometimes it may take longer to respond, so please be patient and reply us back if you haven't heard from us within a week.


We are not associated with any other group or organization.

Our policy for poster creation:

Most of the posters uploaded on our website is created by us. However, in cases, where a poster has been uploaded from a different Facebook page or website then proper permission has been obtained and proper credit has been given to the original creator.

For the purpose of poster creation we have taken the base images from various public domain websites. We have taken the proper care to make sure that base image used is in the public domain and we are allowed to use it. If the base image is not in the public domain, then appropriate permission has been obtained. However, if you think a base image used on our page is not properly credited or we didn't have permission to use it, please send us the details either using the message button on our Facebook page or by sending email at admin@whisperoftheheart.net. After verification, we will be very happy to remove it or update the share with proper credit.

Quotes used on our posters are taken from various sources including the internet, our members and our own quotes. If known, author name has been written with all the quotes. If author name is not known, unknown etc has been written. Please note that in some of our old posters if author name was not known, nothing is written for author name. If you think the author name is incorrect or missing and you know the correct author name, please send us the details using Facebook message button on our Facebook page or by sending email at admin@whisperoftheheart.net.

Please also note that, we will never copy/crop any poster owned by another page and claim it as our own.

Thank you very much for visiting WhisperOfTheHeart.

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  1. Absolutely love your work and share it often on FB these days so thank you so much, very uplifting and meaningful goes without saying. Bless you all ~